Mindy is 41 years old, single and had an unplanned pregnancy. Mindy was pregnant once before, but this time she does something different – and is wonderful.  Watch how a baby changes Mindy’s life.  We were blessed to have Mindy share her story.  Thank you Care Net PRC Fitchburg for caring for women in our community.

About Care Net PRC Fitchburg

Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of North Central Massachusetts, Inc. offers free pregnancy tests and related services to women of childbearing age, as well as to their partners and children. Referrals are made as indicated by our clients for professional counseling. Clients are referred to shelters specifically for pregnant women in crisis, or to housing authorities for assistance with affordable housing. Confidential peer counseling is offered in an objective and non-judgmental way to those who need a listening ear and assistance in decision making.

All of our services are offered in the community “free of charge”.

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