June 8th we did an abstinence presentation at Horizon Christian Fellowship in Fitchburg. The event was organized by our abstinence volunteer Jody Smith aided by Eric Gauvin, youth leader at the church. The evening began with the showing of “Sex has a Price Tag” featuring Pam Stenzel. Parents were invited to attend. It was rewarding to hear one of the adults saying “Amen” to much of what Pam Stenzel was saying. We broke up into groups for discussion after the presentation. Jody Smith and Joan Kopley met with the parents, Eric Gauvin with another male leader went with the boys, and the girls met with me and a pastor’s wife to talk about dressing modestly.

June 9th we met at the center for prayer.

On Saturday June 11th Jessica DeFilippo and Mark went to Southbury, Connecticut to attend a seminar on abortion recovery. Mark will be training as a volunteer when we get up and running.

I made a second presentation at Bethany Bible Chapel on June 19th. They really are aboard and talked about sponsoring a table at our banquet.

June 22nd the New England Coalition met at Freedom Worship Center. Wendy Mattis and Joan Kopley joined me for an informative presentation by Christine Dattilo on creating a page on Facebook for our center.

Baby gifts keep pouring in, on June 23rd Fitchburg Martial Arts Center received recognition from us in appreciation for the drive they held.

June 23rd Fitchburg Martial Arts Center