July 10th, once again our church partner, St. John’s in Townsend did a “diaper drive” on behalf of our center.  We received over 5,000 diapers.  Peter Pothier is in charge of their respect for life ministry.  I continued to gather baby bottles from area churches.  July we received bottles from Christ Church in Fitchburg and People’s Church in Ashburnham.  Praying in the center has been on-going.  On July 14th I was joined by Ann Fleming and Gail Langhart volunteers from Heritage Bible Chapel for a time of prayer.  We followed it up with lunch at Chaibo’s.  On the 18th I stopped by St. Leo’s to pick up some checks and bottles.  The 25th was a time of fellowship with our board member Catherine Adair as I walked to her house for coffee and conversation.  On July 26th I met our staff nurse Paula Butler at the Leominster Public Library to proctor her test for her Childbirth Education Certification.  We continue to receive calls on our voice mail system with Verizon and I follow up each call.