Certified Leader Training, Surrendering the Secret

Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion

Millions of women silently carry the pain and heartache of a previous abortion.  They are trying desperately to hide their secret deep in their hearts, and many are suffering severe consequences.  We can no longer ignore this vast ministry.  with compassion, we must show these women how to replace the enemy’s lies with God’s truth, leading them to healing and freedom.  website:  www.surrenderingthesecret.com

Pat Layton is Founder and President of Life Impact Network, Inc., in Tampa, Florida. Life Impact Network began in 1986 as a post-abortion healing ministry called “Sisters of Rachel.” It was expanded in 1989 to include a crisis pregnancy resource center offering assistance to women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as well as those who have experienced a past abortion. The ministry expanded again in 1999 by offering a full-service abstinence education program that reaches out to young people in the community with facts, fun, and fellowship.

Certified Leader Training

left to right, Staff Nurse Jessica Cappucci R.N., Client Advocate Pam Sager, Instructor Pat Layton, Executive Director Gail Gardner, Client Advocate Joyce Ingemi