Laurie will be joining the volunteer staff at the center. She attends First Baptist Church in Leominster with her husband, Fernando.

Laurie Lemus will be joining the volunteer staff at the center

“I am a very strong believer of abstinence and the wonderful joys and blessings that it brings into a marriage or an individuals life. I’m passionate about following the Lord’s will and I desire to talk with women about the importance of this sensitive and personal issue. At nineteen I gave birth to my daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth is now 26 yrs old and living in San Francisco as a fashion designer. She has been the greatest gift I’ve received from God in my life. I feel strongly about the mercy that God gives us when we are in difficult situations. This is why I am thankful that our Lord has given me an abundance of compassion for girls and women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. I want to be able to help them choose life and let them know what a blessing it can bring to their lives. I know first hand. Children are a blessing from the Lord.”