The purpose of Massachusetts Choose Life is to create a specialty license plate with the slogan “Choose Life.” Funds generated by Massachusetts’ Choose Life specialty license plate will assist women with the expenses of a full term pregnancy-such as medical bills, temporary housing, transportation, utility bills, food, maternity clothing, and similar expenses of infants. Funds will be distributed to qualified not-for-profit agencies within Massachusetts. Qualified agencies must be life affirming pregnancy resource centers or maternity homes that counsel for women in the positive chooses of life, adoption and safe havens and do not encourage or refer for abortion.

The cost is $40 (vanity plate fee) and the first year $12 will go to the state of MA, and the remainder will go to “Choose Life, Inc.” Subsequent years the ENTIRE plate fee goes to Choose Life, Inc. This contribution is tax-deductible.

We are currently working on getting our number up to 5,000 active plates on the road in order to generate $100K per year for our cause. We have over 3,000 plates so far.

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Choose Life License Plate

Choose Life Massachusetts License Plate







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