This Hope We HaveOn my journey with God, I had struggled with guilt and shame from an unplanned pregnancy for years.  While on vacation in Maine several years ago, I spent time in quiet reflection and fellowship with God.  At the end of one of our conversations, He revealed a heart shape stone to me on the beach.  He told me this is a reminder of my love for you. Don’t forget what my Son has done for you.  His shed blood does cover everything. He had brought restoration from the consuming weight of my shame.  It was after that time he created a desire in me to share His love within the community.  To give hope to people that anchors their soul in Christ.  I started praying for direction on where He wanted me to go.  God pointed me in the direction of Care-Net Fitchburg.  After going through a solid, intensive, biblical training that equips volunteers to serve with care and integrity, I knew I was where God wanted me to be.

Initially, I served in fear and trepidation.  Saying, “Lord what can I do for the surmountable situations in front of me?  What can I possibly say to give them an anchor of hope?”  He answered, “Do not fear, I have equipped you with everything you need.  You just need to step out in faith knowing and believing my power that is in you will accomplish my will.”  From that point forward I have had peace watching the Lord do amazing things.  I have seen clients come in with very sad demeanors and leave filled with hope.   I have had opportunities to pray and point clients to Christ.  I love sharing vital information on discovering what kind of parent you are and discovering what personality types your children have. How that can aid you as a parent to provide loving support and help you not to close your child’s spirit.  There have been opportunities to share with them examples of parenting from scripture and even give them a bible for them to further research.  God is on the move and is doing amazing things.  It’s only in Jesus that we can give people an anchor of hope that is strong and steadfast.       L.A.