David Benson was born in Florida in 1970 without half of his arms and legs but has never let that stop him from embracing life. From being able to put his own socks on in the morning to driving a car, skiing, scuba diving or kayaking, David doesn’t let any obstacle get in the way of enthusiastically loving the life God has given him. He has been an educator for almost 20 years mostly as a special education teacher. He brings his no nonsense and humorous approach to life teaching people that no matter their circumstance God has a plan for everyone. His powerful testimony brings encouragement and hope to those who hear his story. Through David’s life story, people can see that, no matter the obstacles or barriers, there is a place for each and every one of us. David’s inspirational message reaffirms that all life is precious. We all have a purpose and no one is ever a “mistake” in God’s eyes.
“Let the Children come to Me……” Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 and this was our theme for our 15th annual fundraiser held earlier this month.  We were blessed to have David Benson as our keynote speaker.

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Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of North Central Massachusetts, Inc. offers free pregnancy tests and related services to women of childbearing age, as well as to their partners and children. Referrals are made as indicated by our clients for professional counseling. Clients are referred to shelters specifically for pregnant women in crisis, or to housing authorities for assistance with affordable housing. Confidential peer counseling is offered in an objective and non-judgmental way to those who need a listening ear and assistance in decision making.

All of our services are offered in the community “free of charge”.

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