Life on Main Street!

As our Burbank Hospital professional building was being sold, we knew we had to relocate. But where? As we looked at several locations, we knew that a good location at a reasonable cost is crucial for this ministry. After much searching and much prayer, we unanimously concluded that 515 Main Street in Fitchburg is the place to be. Thanks be to God, we signed a fair and reasonable lease for the location earlier this year. Since then, we diligently pursued the complex process of relocating this licensed medical clinic to downtown Fitchburg. The three P’s are key in the government permitting process: Precision, Perseverance and Patience. But it is really a fourth P that is over all: Providence, God’s providence! We are so happy about the ministry opportunities that are now before us as life comes to Main Street.

515 Main Street Fitchburg, MA

Good News on Main Street!

Brothers and Sisters,

Praise the LORD! I am very pleased to inform you that I just received the building permit for Care Net’s new center at 515 Main Street in Fitchburg. After 8 months of dotting every state and local “i” and crossing every state and local “t,” WE ARE READY TO BUILD.

In addition, we also obtained DPW approval to place a dumpster on the Oliver Street sidewalk from 8/12/11 to 8/27/11 for demolition waste. We are looking to schedule demolition for Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 8:00 AM at the premises. If you are available for that, please contact me using the form below.

OUR GOAL IS TO COMPLETE CONSTRUCTION BY OCTOBER 1, 2011. That is 51 days from tomorrow. Please pray without ceasing. And thank the LORD.

With great gratitude to God,
David P. Bodanza, Esq.

Care Net Construction Project Volunteer Form

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